To fulfill my intellectual curiosity in the field of veterinary clinical pathology, I not only joined the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology to participate online rounds and to contribute as a translator but also proactively enrolled in VIN online courses, such as A Unique In-'Cyte' Collaborative Evaluation of Small Animal Cytology, Cytology 101, and Blood Smears and Bone Marrow. Meanwhile, the high scores that I earned in the general pathology courses designed for phase I exam (VPAT 640/642) demonstrated my academic ambition. Most importantly: I enjoy outdoor activities, hang out with my friends as well as painting and spending time with my husband, Bill Cheng, and my lovely cat, Aggie.

Certificate of Achievement in Hemodialysis Academy

UC Davis, USA (2016)

2014 - 2018

Texas A&M University

Ph.D. in Veterinary Pathobiology

GPA: 4.0/4.0

North American Veterinary Licensing Examination

USA (2015)

Taiwan Veterinary License

Taiwan (2013)

2008 - 2013

National Taiwan University

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Outstanding College Youth Award




Candice Chu ​DVM

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