A Future Veterinary Clinical Pathologist and Clinician Scientist

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Dr. Chu is a senior veterinary clinical pathology resident at Texas A&M University. She received her DVM degree from National Taiwan University in 2013. In 2014, she joined Dr. Mary Nabity's lab at Texas A&M University, focusing on gene and miRNA expression in dogs with chronic kidney disease caused by glomerular diseases. In 2018, she received her PhD in Veterinary Pathobiology and started the veterinary clinical pathology residency.

Dr. Chu has a strong research background in miRNA biomarker discovery. Her research endeavors and excellent oral/poster presentation skills were recognized by the 2019 ASVCP, 2017 ASVCP, 2017 ACVP, and 2016 ACVP Young Investigator Awards. She recently received the 2020 ACVP Harold W. Casey Scholarship, which is a prestigious award that each year recognizes one outstanding pathology trainee who strives to achieve ACVP certification. Besides research, she demonstrated commitment to teaching veterinary cytology using innovative teaching methods, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter).